Sunday, 25 March 2012

Stupidity Rules Part 7

I'm not certain there's a word for it: rout, landslide, wipeout and complete electoral disaster have all been mentioned, however nothing quite describes the end result of the Queensland election from Labor's point of view. We might have expected this in NSW a year ago, but Queensland, now? Anna Bligh wasn't seen as being that bad, was she? Surely it can't all be down to Bob Katter whipping up the jingoistic hysteria?

Labor looks like it may hold onto 8 seats in an 89 seat house. That's a little embarrassing. A lot embarrassing actually. The electoral equivalent of that dream where you wake up naked in the middle of school - and you're one of the teachers.

For Julia it's another setback in an ongoing series, but will this be the last? What's next? Beyond the Libs poaching a sitting ALP member, it's hard to imagine anything worse. Of course, the investigation into Craig Thomson could finally end and its findings be released, but what are the chances of that?

For Tony, it's another chance to gloat and be smug and irksome and annoying and tedious, so it's pretty much business as usual there.

There is, however, one individual of a political nature who might be feeling rather smug about it all around about now. Our old mate and former PM, Kev. A native Queenslander, had Mr Rudd smelled the writing on the wall prior to his recent abrupt push for leadership and subsequent flameout? Did he make his run knowing full well that a) he wouldn't win and b) Queensland would be a disaster? Was his ultimate plan to demonstrate he has ambition and ticker, thinking that once Julia resigns in the post-upcoming Federal election annihilation, he will be best positioned to take up the reigns and fight his way back to both Federal leadership and, eventually, Prime Ministership?

From whence he can stuff it all up again, while someone equally unsuitable as Liberal Opposition leader (Christopher Pyne anyone?) does a Tony Mk II with all the accompanying huffing and puffing and sour-faced looks and uncharitable comments.

They fought hard, it was tougher than expected, but in the end, the Australian electorate was the loser on the day. Again...